Delhi govt will roll out the ‘Business Blasters’ program in every school of Delhi. It is started to seed money from September 7. students who have standard 11th and 12th will give seed finance to start their trades.

Additionally, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said on Monday. About 3.5 lakh children will be involved in this program. they will be definitely given Rs 2,000 as seed money, the amount is an incline from the earlier amount of Rs 1,000.

The govt of Delhi to give seed money from September 7 to govt school students to start their trades

Initialization of the program

The program started at the School of Excellence in Khichripur under a pilot project. ‘its main purpose was to inculcate the belief in scholars about their work, ‘they become an entrepreneur. Moreover, ‘In this project, nine groups of 41 children, were formed. each student was given seed money of one thousand. he said these kids made huge profits.

The Delhi government launched the ‘Entrepreneurship Mindset Curriculum’ in 2019. he said the objective of the Business plan under the curriculum, is to make the children invest. they get rid of their fear of starting a business and earn profit more.

Most importantly, even if they do not make a profit, then learners should learn to face their failures, this project could not be implemented due to COVID-19, well but in January, it was implemented in the Delhi government school in Khichripur.

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