Honey, Health and Beauty

Honey, Health and Beauty
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Honey, Health and Beauty- Three valuable things

Honey is all about health and beauty. Even more than that. In ancient times honey was used from eating to healing. It is said that ancient Egyptians use honey as a wound treatment and beauty enhancer. Honey has its different properties. Honey contains antioxidant ans antibacterial features.

Flawless Skin-Honey been utilised for a considerable length of time to open delightful, brilliant skin. It’s numerous properties make it valuable for a wide range of skin. A characteristic humectant, honey attracts and holds dampness.Honey’s antibacterial forces are likewise useful for treating skin break out while its high cancer prevention agent levels help continue maturing skin young.

Cuts and Wounds:Honey helps heal wounds in many ways that. Its thickness provides a protecting barrier against germs, and honey naturally absorbs fluids in wounds, serving to to forestall the expansion of bacterium and fungi. Raw honey conjointly contains associate protein referred to as aldohexose enzyme. Once the protein mixes with body fluids, it produces peroxide and acts as a light antiseptic.

Helps Treat Cough And Cold-Research suggests that honey can be a good cough drug. In one study, honey was conjointly found to scale back nighttime coughing and improve sleep in youngsters. The study conjointly declared that honey can be as effective as dextromethorphan, a typical ingredient in cough suppressants. mixture of heat lemon water with honey will facilitate cure cold too – it clears the congestion within the throat and even prevents dehydration.

Moisturising face mask-The sugars in honey act as natural humectants and emollients that increase the water content and cut back waterlessness within the skin even when they have been washed off.The properties of honey can also be used for the hair conditioning.

Lip balm- Honey can also be used as Lip Balm for chapped lips.