How to Lose 5kgs weight in Just One Week?

How to Lose 5kgs weight in Just One Week
How to Lose 5kgs weight in Just One Week
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Health is the most important priority of the human body. For staying healthy you should take care of yourself. As its a fact we are what we eat. If we will eat unhygienic foods then it will impact as several problems in our body. And if we will eat correct food then no disease can affect us in any way. 70 % of weight loss depends on our food and 20% on exercise.

Follow the suggestions below, and you will see the positive results in just 2 to 3 days.

a) Do Smart Customization in your food choices

How to Lose 5kgs weight in Just One Week
How to Lose 5kgs weight in Just One Week

1) Cut down or minimize Carbohydrates from the food  

Don’t eat Carbs like Potato, White Rice, White Breads, Dairy Products, Pasta, etc.

You can switch Carbs with Brown Rice, Oats, Brown Bread, Coconut Milk, Mushroom.

2) Increase protein in the Plates    #lowcarbshighprotien

Eat high Protein foods like Tofu, Greet Yogurt, Chickpeas, Peanut Butter, Almonds, Green Peas, Chia Seeds.

Make sure 3/4 of your plate includes Vegetables, Salads, Fruits, and Protein and 1/4 part is carbs.

3)  No Sugar – Yes, #nomeansno. Skip sugar at all if you want to see frequent results. You should also not take sugar alternate supplements available in the market.

If you feel like to have some, you can have a tiny amount of Jaggery if you feel a craving. It’s a healthier option.

4) Keep You self Hydrated whole day –You should drink 2 to 3 liters of water daily. Just Keep in mind drinking excess amounts of water is also not good.

5)You can Drink Beverages like Green Tea, Green Coffee, Herbal Tea. If you are really a coffee lover you can drink black coffee. Still, try to reduce Caffeine.

Alert >> #noaddedsugar

6) No Alcohol  – Yup! Just follow the tag line of government. #injurioustohealth.

7) Do Intermittent Fasting – You have to schedule your day like you will only eat in 8 to 10 hrs window and will not eat anything in the remaining 16 to 14 hrs.

9) Drink Smoothies in Breakfast  – You can find amazing smoothies recipes online. It’s easy and fast to make. #timesaver also if you are running late for office.

10) Start hating Junks – Just Ditch them if you want a happy life and a healthy lifestyle.

b) It’s Okay! Try some physical efforts also

How to loose 5 kg weight in one week
How to lose 5kgs weight in one week

1)  Go to Gym, Dance Classes, Running, Yoga, etc. Just choose what you love.  But, definitely choose some physical activities for you.

2) Change your lifestyle – Walk as much you can make it possible in a day, Choose to take stairs instead of lifts.

4)  Complete your sleeping period – Try to sleep  7 to 9 hrs in a day. It heels your body and make you feel fresh and happy every single day.