Google- The worldwide tech giant has issued a serious warning to all its users who are using its Chrome browser. This comes after five vulnerabilities were discovered by its team (four high-rated and one critical).

To fix the issue, Google has launched a new update, version 96.0.4664.110. With this, it will keep attackers at bay who are already exploiting the five vulnerabilities, with one being where the target is Chrome’s JavaScript through which a code is executed on a specific computer.

Google highlighted the following 5 vulnerabilities:

1) CVE-2021-4098

Rated as a critical one, this vulnerability is one that focuses on insufficient data validation in Mojo.

2) CVE-2021-4100

Rated as a high one, this vulnerability is an issue of object lifecycle in ANGLE.

3) CVE-2021-4099

Rated as a high one, it comes into use post free vulnerability in Swiftshader.

4) CVE-2021-4101

Rated as a high one, this vulnerability is a heap buffer overflow in Swiftshader.

5) CVE-2021-4102

Rated as a high one, it comes into use post free vulnerability in the V8 engine.

Although Google Chrome’s tablet and mobile versions are less likely to include zero-day vulnerability. It is recommended to update your Chrome browser to keep your entire data safe and keep hackers at bay.

The Indian Government Warning

Our government’s Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) has issued an immediate warning to the entire Chrome users for updating to the new Chrome version 96.0.4664.110. As per a report that was published on Dec 14, the organisation mentioned that “multiple vulnerabilities have been reported in Google Chrome which could be exploited by a remote attacker to execute arbitrary code on the target system.”

Step-by-Step Guide to Update the Google Chrome Browser:

Step 1: On your PC, open Google Chrome

Step 2: On the top right corner, click on the 3 dots

Step 3: Now, click on ‘‘Help’’

Step 4: Head to ‘‘About Google Chrome’’

Step 5: Google Chrome will automatically update itself

So, if you haven’t updated your Google Chrome browser yet, do it at the earliest to avoid any data loss at the hands of hackers.

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